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Tamil on Rajasthani cock
It was a dark and stormy day. Outside, it was raining heavily though not very cold. There was a hint of a fragrant scent in the air. Inside one of the houses in this suburb though, exciting things were happening "Aroon fuck me with your big Tamil cock" Seema said!... read more

interracial cuckold
"Fuck me with your big Taml cock Aroon" Olivia screamed. Fuck my white pussy with your dark cock. Olivia's boyfriend Peter was licking my balls while I fucked his girlfriend doggystyle and it felt amazing I was holding her ass and slapping her asscheeks watching my dark cock go in and out of her tight white pussy... read more

I fantasized of sniffing her panties when she sucked my cock. I was cumming and she left her room. I forgot I was in her room and I was cumming sniffing her panties. She saw me cumming and she invited big black cock. Big black cock cummed in her panties and she put her panties in my mouth.... read more

A Sucker for Big Black Cocks
A Sucker for Big Black Cocks, Sucking My First Big Black Cock, or How I Became a Sucker for Big Black Cocks While making the final adjustments to her dress, my wife Joy, said with a big smile "I wouldn't miss this party for anything in the world! Jamal said he has a real big surprise for you tonight! And I know what it is" Joy teased. Jamal was one of several black men who along with my wife belonged to a social group for interracial harmony. Several of my wife's friends, other white women, also belonged to The Order of The African Spear. As Joy readied herself for th... read more

Sissy slut cuckold
She has black stud eat her, rim her, hubby sucks his cock and rims him. Hubby sucks his cock after he fucks his ass and the cleans his cock when he is done creampiiing her ass and licks the cum from her ass... read more

Cuckold story
Sissy faggot cock sucking pussy boi cuckold My wife is a 28-year old blonde, white, smooth, alabaster skinned slut for black cock and is 35/23/34, and is drop-dead beautiful, and her shaved pussy and ass are scrumptious, especially when full of nigger jizz. Her pimp, Daddy, is a 6' 4" muscled black Adonis with a luscious long, thick, succulent, savory, delicious uncut cook, which I love to service. I'm a sissy faggot cock sucking cuckold pussy boi slut for big nigger dick. Once a week, Daddy and four of his "brothers" come over for some serious sex. Of course, they don't use rubbers. Be... read more

I was in her underwear drawer, trying to figure out which was the best of her thongs to steal to bring home and jerk off to. There was a red one, then an aqua one with polka dots, that was nice. But the best was the pink one with guitars that her bf had given her. There was almost NOTHING to that at all. I knew she wouldn't be home for a long time so I whipped out my cock and started playing with it. It got erect and I started pressing it on her panties. Knowing that her ass was in the back thin portion and that her pretty pussy in the front made my cock SO hard as I rubbed it on them. "... read more

Mistress SIERRA'S slave
my story is also my fantasy of sierra dominating or cuckolding me. it goes like this..... My Mistress SIERRA comes home after a day of shopping , or what ever her hearts desire , because my Mistress SIERRA'S wishes or desire's are paramount. any wishes, or desires, or needs i have comes second, because Mistress SIERRA'S needs are all that matters in my small insignificant world. She comes home and say's "bitch where are you bitch" i cry "here am i my Mistress, here am i", as i run and fall prostrate at her feet. "slave look at me, have you done your chores for today "she said. "yes Ma'am" i cr... read more

The fith year itch
Ok so I wrote this cause I thought it would be cool to contribute something to the site most stories are from the cucks perspective so I thought my perspective would be entertaining to say the least. It had been 5 years and I was just sick of him! I seriously could not find one good thing about my long term boyfriend Jerry and sex lmao you could forget about it, it wasn't happening I could not bring myself to fuck Jerry whatever chemistry we had was dead his penis was smaller than average his stroke was slow and never seemed to get hard enough it was infuriating. Even though I not so secre... read more

Fucking her
I was in her underwear drawer, trying to figure out which was the best of her thongs to steal to bring home and jerk off to. There was a red one, then an aqua one with polka dots, that was nice. But the best was the pink one with guitars that her bf had given her. There was almost NOTHING to that at all. I knew she wouldn't be home for a long time so I whipped out my cock and started playing with it. It got erect and I started pressing it on her panties. Knowing that her ass was in the back thin portion and that her pretty pussy in the front made my cock SO hard as I rubbed it on them. W... read more

white man can suck black cock
I didn't write this, but thought you'd enjoy it. I can't copy it here, 'cause it'd be a violation of copyright. But if you're interested, check out Nifty Erotic Stories Archive. It's a hot story. Sissyboyfaggot... read more

Os cornudos so sempre os mesmo temos que ter caras nova sangue novo comeado pelos cornudos e at pelsa garotas "girls" preciso reformular as estrias ter mais criatividade e sempre a mesmice caindo numa monotonia universal e preciso reformular para sobreviver (...0... read more

I was helping my husband
I found this story somewhere on the net, and it is just perfect, I am letting my wife read it later and then start dreaming....... It is told by this lucky guys wonderfull wife Enjoy :-) I am married to a wonderful man and we have a great sex life. . I learned early in our marriage that my husband is both kinky and submissive. I loved being dominant in bed and making him do all kinds of kinky adventures. I never realized just how submissive and kinky Michael really was until this month. Over the years of marriage, we loved experimenting with sex. We are both very open- minded and have tri... read more

Wife's Pimp' Birthday
Wife's Pimp's Birthday If you've read "Sally's Birthday Party," you'll know I'm a cum-swallowing cuckold and my wife is a slutty whore working for a black pimp. The morning of his birthday, she told me I was to be the pussyboi for his birthday party, Once again, she had me strip and kneel before her succulent pussy and lick her juicy slut cunt while she told me what we were going to do at the party. "First, Sally, I'm gonna dress you up in a hot see-through black crotchless panty and bra; then, I'm gonna fit you with a nice lacy black bustier and garter belt with fishnet stockings. Then, ... read more

Sally's Birthday Party
SALLY'S BIRTHDAY PARTY My wife, Domi (Dominique) arranged a great birthday party for my 35th birthday. My name's Sal short for Salvatore but everybody calls me Sally. I'm a white male, about 6 feet tall and 185 pounds, with a small three inch cock (hard).. After I had made breakfast and cleaned up on my birthday, my wife surprised me with a lovely present, a new sexy outfit, a cute pair of crotchless hot pink panties with a matching bra, bustier, garter belt and pink hose. I thanked her profusely, and she told me to get down on my knees between her alabaster legs and lick her li... read more

The Wager II
This is part II of an older cuck story from ASST that I have saved and read several times. This is not written by me, but I love the story. "Linda, as you cum with another man's cock buried in your cunt, and as you fuck your husband's mouth, I want you to tell him that you love him, that even though the little slit between your legs, all your lovely body, has been given up and offered to me, that your submission and gift is really to him." Trying to catch her breath, between the now savage shagging of her proffered bottom, Linda spoke to me. "Peter....darling....I do love you. Oh, god.... H... read more

The Wager
This is an older cuck story from ASST that I have saved and read several times. This is not written by me, but I love the story. WAGER Things have gotten a little out of hand. I suppose my mistake was agreeing to the wager in the first place. On the other hand, if I had won.... Oh, well, my turn will come. It all started with a playful game of scrabble. My wife Linda and I (my name's Peter) have been happily married for 8 years, and are in our mid 30's. We live what most would call a middle class life (I hate the word yuppie; sounds too much like guppy), although both of us went through a ... read more

We Compete for Cock
This is one of my favorite games with my wife Susie or when we have a willing man to play with. It revolves around oral sex, plain and simple. The object of the game is to be the recipient of a sweet hot mouthful of gooey sperm. Men and women both fight over it. It is the most powerful delectable substance on this earth and once you learn to love it, you are hooked. I'm hooked. My wife, Susie, is hooked. Over 90 percent of our sex life revolves around cum, what to do with it, where it will go and who will be the lucky one to get it.So we invented a game to take the chance out of the equation. ... read more

Our First Man
My wife Susie has always been open on the subject of sex. We love to have fun and use it as a game. We have been married for over 10 years and she is delightfully full figured. She has a great shape with nice round ample breasts and rear. She knew my fantasy was to have another women in our bed, but I never dreamed she'd ever make that cum true. Was I surprised on my 35th birthday when her best friend from college was over for a visit from Japan. During dinner, Susie whispered in my ear that I'd have some real fun tonight, then she and kiko laughed.Well, I won't go into all the details for the... read more

Early Cuck
I have written about my wife Susie and how we both love cum and that she eagerly indulges my obsession with the precious fluid. I'm bisexual and sometimes involve the services of another man for my cum fix. She loves to see me with my mouth being stuffed by a hard cock and how much I enjoy it. Lately, she has pushed for a more active role in helping me. Susie had an idea for an evening where she did all the work getting me a cum fix and I would just wait and watch as she retrieved a sweet load for me.We decided to go away for the weekend to another town where we wouldn't run into anyone we kne... read more

Pathetic fart slave
The lazy little madam was becoming ever more comfortable with her new position of powerFart slave was restrained under the bed with a mouth gag - there should be a hole in the mattress just big enough for his clamped open mouth to fit up through. In this position cuck can provide rimming and bull licking and clean up servicing without getting in the way or becoming an inconvenience. Obviously it would be very uncomfortable crouching under the bed all night with a wide open mouth - that should encourage instant respect, manners and full obedience. Any cum deposited in cucks mouth could be held ... read more

Trial by Sperm
My husband Mark and I have been in the lifestyle for about 4 years now. I haven't tried black cock yet but I am curious. Our relationship is such that I am allowed to have sex outside of our marriage but Mark is not. Mark had been playing around with the idea of me with another man for a couple of years prior to us actually going through with it. You see, Mark has a small cock, 3.5 inches. He was always going on about "I wish I had more for you." "You deserve more than what I can give you" and so forth. At the time I thought he was just being paranoid, but after some time, I had to admit... read more

The Reverse Blowjob
I took my time getting ready with a nice long bath so I was squeaky clean. I decided to wear my hose and garter with my “stripper heels” for effect. Since I had won the poker game with a friend I decided to really “make him pay”. He thinks we are meeting at a motel and he will pay me $100 for oral sex…he's right, but I've got a whole different plan in mind!I told him to get the room before I got there so it would be nice and cool. I had another reason in mind for the cool room. The plan was for him to be dressed in nothing but a towel and I would come in, drop the towel, and then hav... read more

katja´s pay toy
This is a true story. I am a single white male, divorced, and 51 years old. I look okay for my age and I earn a good income. I don´t have a regular girlfrind and I probally don´t really want one. I like sexual roleplaying scenarios with young and pretty women. A couple of months ago I saw an ad online that caught my attention because it was so completely different than the normal ads you see.It read: "young attractive Lolita, passionate horse rider and owner of two horses, sexually dominant and into sexy Femdom roleplaying is looking for an older man where I can earn some money for the up ke... read more

Careless posts used for control
Posting comments and revealing too much info seemed a cheap thrill. Until I was contacted and lured by her to reveal the deepest fantasies. She was smart and knew my type. Weeks of brief email exchanges seemed a thrill and harmless. One day she asked if my confessions ever got out, what I would do. I said I would be sorry, that in the wrong hands I could be ruined or controlled. She asked me if I'd give her compromising pics for her silence.I said I could be made to do anything.She assured me I was safe. Until that one night.She text me asking for a pic of me exposed. I replied with a maybe.SE... read more

Secrets revealed continued
They used my fantasies as threat. I was on call for them. And they called.A text came. It said:$#** N. Regret St. Come!I went and they began again.Stripped, tied on a bed I was mounted and ridden. I came in her. She mounted my face and said "eat". This continued for hours. Then she said, "you will obey".Yes! I will! Then they laughed as two males entered. They videod me and laughed. What if we showed you and them on web?What will you do for us?Anything! I said.What happened next was what changed my life, regretfully.... read more

Secret regret
I had web surfed for months seeking a twisted ear to listen and interact as I exposed my fantasies. Continually rejected by femdommes looking for money I felt I'd never find a listener or role player.One night my yahoo messenger was flashing. "Hey, tell me your secrets. I wont tell anyone." I was scared, but curious. "ok" I replied. Whoever this was had tracked my posts for sometime and knew more than I realized. "Tell me your role, and I will play along". "For fun" they said.I typed...that you lured me to email every desire that I wouldn't want exposed in my everyday life. That you coaxed me ... read more

Surprise...my love
Mistress comes home with a companion, with a hood to cover his face and tells him that his signal is outside waiting to enter the house. Mistress kisses her husband in his mouth and says he has a surprise for him, says he is going to his locker and when you want it back completely naked on her knees .... She leaves and is dressed in Black, with his boots black high heels, her hair Picked up a dog leash in his hand and a whip in the other. As you approach your husband, I put the collar on her neck and say so strict that from now on is going to be your slave, you must meet all the orders and whi... read more

My fantasy scene
This scene begins with a wedding of the cuckold and his beautiful virgin bride.On the honeymoon in their hotel room the cuckold makes a stunning admission.He wants his beautiful bride to have her first sex with his best man Jason the black bull. Unknowing to his wife he secretly brought Jason along on the trip.His new bride hesitant at first but after getting a glance of Jason's big cock eagerly agrees. The cuckold makes a few additional requests; he feels that since Jason is busting his new wife's cherry, he should also fuck her in the ass since he feels his cock is to small to open her up.He... read more

Cum Fed Cuck
It took me a couple of years but I have finally completely cucked my husband Tom. It was actually his idea, not mine, but I'm glad he made me do it. I am totally into the lifestyle and recommend it to any woman who's man is willing to accept the consequences. Before we adopted the cuckold lifestyle our sex life was dull and mundane but that certainly isn't the case now. I didn't realize it until I made the change but I wasn't sexually satisfied with Tom as my lover and neither was he. When Tom first told me about his cuckold fantasies, I had a hard time accepting the fact that he wanted m... read more

Cuckold Cumtini
My wife and I have been married for 10 years and out of those ten years I have been cuckolded for five. We are both very much in favor of the lifestyle and wouldn't go back to the old way for anything. Susan and I are having better and more frequent sex than we ever used to before she cuckolded me. Since she cuckolded me I have not had sexual intercourse with her nor do I miss it. Intercourse was never that good to begin with between us. She was never satisfied and it always felt as though she was merely going through the motions of sex rather than truly enjoying it. Susan has several bl... read more

Toe in the hole
Wife Giannacuck J. BroadwayBull anyone with a large cockGianna walks in on Broadway who is looking through pictures of her with the Bull. The Bull is fucking Gianna in the ass. Broadway is hard and starting to play with him self. When Gianna asked if he likes what he sees.Broadway yes well yes and No.Gianna says "Well I think it's time you get a close up look". She then pulls The Bull through the door way. Gianna tellsthe bull to look at broadways pathedic cock. Gianna tells Broadway to look at what a cock should look like as she has the bulls cock in hand stroking it. They make their way to ... read more

slave to all superior bbc
i love to serve a dom rough big black man and take my white wife for a offering .to taste her shaved white fertile pussy with his black babymaking cum . to taste the black master cum that inpregnanted my wife, for all to see she not allowing me to fuck her with a big black baby boy sucking her tits any where anytime that he wants as they watch her oder me around like the weak submission tiny white dick slave i am .... read more

My Sub Cuckold Fantasy
So,I've got a nice slender Persian girlfriend that has always been a bit standoffish about any type of sex other than missionary with me. She claims that she did it doggy for the first time with me.Anyway, I'm hung just over 6 inches, and while that may be above average, it's not really that big or huge. She said she had been with some bigger guys in the past and that riding their cock(s) was like being on a rocket for her. I took this as a hint that maybe I should try to hook her up with some bigger guys, so I put out an ad on craigslist, and here's what happened. Obviously, I got many pi... read more

white wivies give conjugal visit
my wife and i have been serving a dom. black dealer that had to go to jail for while . and i was to divorce my black cock whore wife and she married him to so he would still have her to fuck her brains out on his weekend conjugal vists . I had to bring her ever time she was allow to see our black master . she would dress with as little of chothing that was allow never a bra or panties he would show her to other inmates for him something out of it. i would drive her there collared and panties on and open the door for her an wait in the car and ... read more

marito leccapiedi
hellohave created a fantastic site!as a plot for your next movie I would ask if there is a submissive wife with her husband begged her not to leave .. she treats him with arrogance and decides not to abandon it provided that you also submit to her lover that will have ... ' begged to be able to attend their outpouring of love ... accept the bull kissing his feet with devotion pleading could stay ... the bull must have a superior and dominant attitude toward her husband's feet and the balls ... it should require licking a sign of submission ... when the bull was closed to make love with his wif... read more

Just Another Cuckold Friday
Sissy cuckold Stevie arrives home at 2:30 from his menial job bagging groceries at the local super market and begins his routine household duties by chilling a bottle of wine and setting out 3 glasses he then proceeds to laying out some clothing a pair of pink panties and a pink bra and a pair of black thigh high nylons and a maids out fit , he quickly begins to undress taking off his pants revealing that he is in a pair of panties then sliding down his panties to reveal that he is locked in chastity he quickly showers , then begins to get dressed putting on the clothing he had laid out.Once d... read more

The Pimp
Cuck comes into the bedroom/living room and watches his lovely wife, Kita, making herself pretty. He sighs.“This economy really sucks,” he says. “Nobody want to hire a stock broker like me. It's really getting depressing.”He kisses her shoulder. “I'm so glad you found this job as a waitress,” he says. “That was a real stroke of luck. Especially one that pays so well.”Suddenly there is a pounding at the door. Cuck goes to answer it and Wesley storms in. “Where is she? Where my bitch at?”Cuck: “Excuse me? Sir, I think you have the wrong house…”Wesley ignores him and goe... read more

The Breaking of Charles
Lovingly, Mandy decorated and dressed her cuckold, Charles, in his bridal gown. First, his short brown hair was brushed back behind his delicate ears. His dark eyes were highlighted by eye shadow, liner and brow mascara:matte pink and berry, brushed and touched.His pale skin was creamed by foundation, powder, cream bronzer, and blush on the cheeks. His half-full mouth was reddened with cherry plum pout lipstick.His dress was a white chiffon gown, cut off his shoulders.On his legs, white stockings. His pedicured feet, in silver pumps. On his head, a silver tiara.Mandy had cuckolded Charles thro... read more

Rabbit Ears
Andy and Les have arrived at their hotel in Jamaica. They are very excited. Helping carry their luggage in is the bellhop, Gabriel. Gabriel drops the luggage, takes his tip, and then leaves. Andy comments that Gabriel was kind of cute, but not as cute as her new husband. Andy gives Les a quick kiss and then goes to the bathroom to change into her special “honeymoon” look. Les calls down to the concierge and asks if Gabriel could come back up please. Gabriel knocks and Les lets him in. Les wants to score some of that fine island bud that's he's always heard about. Gabriel happens to have a ... read more

Valentine's Day
Hubby comes home with flowers and chocolates for Wifey on this most special day. He calls around the house but there is no one there. Then he hears sounds coming from upstairs, wifey's laugh, and the deep sound of a stranger's voice. He climbs the stairs and listens outside their bedroom door.Inside, wifey and Bull are turning each other on, groping each other, laughing and giggling. Wifey is making fun of hubby's puny unit. Hubby listens outside, horrified but strangely glued to the door. He presses his ear to the door. Wifey is begging the bull for a taste of his big black cock. Hubby grimac... read more

Trading Places
Billy is the proud owner of a successful little surf shop in Santa Monica. He's worked hard to put together his business. He is also married to a certifiable piece of ass that goes by the name Brooke. Unfortunately, his dedication to his job has led Billy to kinda forget that he needs to do maintenance on his wife's pussy just like he does on his surfboard. Brooke calls Billy at work and reminds him that the bedroom furniture needs to be moved around in order to accommodate the new dresser that's going to be delivered. Billy doesn't have time to take care of this, so he tells Brooke to expect ... read more

Sex Therapist
Bob and Luscious are sitting together but not looking at each other, in Julius's pool table parlor. Julius is a licensed Sex Therapist. Bob and Luscious are having their first appointment with this controversial new doctor. When Julius speaks, he should be channeling the spirit of Morpheus from the Matrix. He is very scientific, calculated and calm.Julius listens as Bob mourns for his sex life and begs the doctor for help. Luscious sits coldly and only speaks to Julius. Between the two of them, they share that their sex life has withered and died, mostly due to Luscious's needs and Bob's inab... read more

The Rapper
Carmen has won the Number One Fan contest for world famous rapper John John. Carmen arrives at John's house with her husband in tow. They are shown to the waiting room. She is not happy to have her clingy husband there. She tells him over and over that she wishes her girlfriend had been able to come with. Hubby says he doesn't understand the attraction of the rap music.John John walks in and Carmen freaks out. She is all up in his shit. I love you, you are off the hook, etc. John John handles it with grace, but then sees her husband. He gets angry and asks who the silly cracker is. Carmen is e... read more

The Muse
London is sitting around her living room, observing the mess around her. We can see the set lights of what looks to be a studio setting. She appears sad. We hear a door open, and Kevin walks in. She stands up and embraces him hard. She's upset. She explains how being a famous artist's wife isn't all its cracked up to be. The attention of being painted and photographed is wonderful, but the artist, John, loses himself in the work. She asks Kevin to give her what her husband won't.As they begin to get hot and heavy, John sneaks up behind them and watches with an artist's eye; he appreciates his ... read more

The Hung Jury
Jimmy is sitting nervously in his bedroom. There is a tap-tap on the door and his wife, Kylee, enters. Jimmy asks, “Did you get it done?” Kylee answers, “Yes.” Jimmy appears relieved. “I can't believe I'm not going to go jail! I stole millions! God bless America! God bless our judicial system!” Kylee says, ”There's just one thing; he's outside.” Jimmy goes insane. “What!? Do you want us all to go to jail!? We can't meet here!” Kylee goes to the door and in walks Kevin, with a bag over his shoulder. Kevin says, “So, you're the famous international playboy. I hear you don... read more

Jessa and Billy have arrived at their beach bungalow, in the glow of their honeymoon. Billy is looking forward to finally losing his virginity to his beautiful new wife. They put down their suitcases and Billy goes to bathroom. Jessa sits on the bed/couch and glances at a magazine. Billy emerges from the bathroom, stark naked. Jessa starts laughing at his pitiful manhood. She says she wished she had known that Billy had such a puny prick; she might not have married him. She can't stop laughing at him.She calls down to the front desk, and has them send up the bellboy that helped them earlier, G... read more

The Cool Down
Hubby really wants to get in shape for his new wife, Carmen. We see hubby running around the block with his trainer John. Hubby is huffing and puffing, but making a game effort. John laughs at the sad looking middle-aged man.When they get back to the house, Hubby collapses on the couch/bed. John is trying to get Hubby to stretch, but Hubby is busy trying to breathe. John retires to the shower. While Hubby is getting his breath back, his wife, Carmen, arrives home and finds him all worn out. She starts yelling at him, again. “Look at how fat you are! Look at me; if you want to keep on being w... read more

The Birthday Gify
Les has just come home from and his wife, Larine, meets him at the bedroom door wearing a sexy little outfit. She asks him not to be angry, but she's gotten him something for his birthday, even though he had said that he didn't want anything this year. She has him undress to down to his socks and she sits hi on the bed. She does a slinky little lap dance for him, teasing him about how much he's going to love his birthday present. She has him all fired up and tells him to close his eyes and get ready for a BIG surprise. He closes his eyes and he hears some rustling around. Larine asks if he's r... read more

The Balloon
Valerie and Ken are sitting in the living room/bedroom pawing at each other. Valerie has decided to start breeding herself with the big black cock as Ken's feeble Garanimal-style cock is only fit for threading needles. She tells Ken the plan, saying she can't wait for him to fill her uterus with little champion swimmers. With that, she yanks out his tool and starts blowing him. Bob pulls into the driveway and notices a strange car. He creeps up to window and sees his lovely bride chugging chocolate cock. He pulls out his cell phone and calls her, to catch her lying. As he talks with her, he wa... read more

Swinging Wood
Billy is excited. He's a recruiter for the local big league baseball team. He has his hot new prospect Lee coming all the way to LA from Philly, and it will be Lee's first time in LA. Billy and his wife Chastity are cleaning up the house in anticipation of Lee's arrival. Billy is busting Chastity's chops about getting the place ready in time. Clean this, do that. Chastity has had about enough.The doorbell rings and Lee answers it like a giddy schoolgirl. He's very hopeful to have Lee swinging the big wood for his team. Lee comes in and sits down. Lee and Billy talk about LA and how great it is... read more

Like A Dog
Jimmy is fast asleep in his bed. He looks comfortable, but he is soon awoken by the sound of someone entering the room. He looks up to see his lovely bride, Marie. But she's not alone: with her is a stranger. She simple introduces him as “Gabe” and instructs Jimmy to pay no attention to him. Gabriel disrobes and begins to do stretching exercises in silence. Jimmy is confused. Gabriel won't answer any of his questions, Who are you? Why are you here? Why are you naked?! When he approaches Marie, she replies that if he wants to stay married, then he (Jimmy) will just have to do as he's told ... read more

Hungarian Phrase Book
AJ is in his house, being yelled at by his new mail-order bride, Yasmin. She is screaming and yelling in Hungarian, packing her bags and readying to go back to Hungary. AJ calls his best friend Tyler for help. While AJ may be well-off and attractive, he is by no means a rocket scientist. Tyler arrives and AJ lets him in. Yasmin is wheeling her bad to the door but she stops when she sees Tyler. She begins to yell in Hungarian again. Tyler motions for her to be quiet, then asks AJ to tell him what's going on. AJ explains that his hot new mail-order bride isn't working out, she's always unhappy, ... read more

House Hunting
Hubby is taking Wifey out to look at a house for her. As they look over over the place, Wifey is thanking Hubby for being so understanding. She is getting her own private-time apartment, so she can have a little fun on the side. Hubby is supportive of her, and wants her to be happy. She thanks him. Hubby asks her if she is ready to take the place on a test run. She immediately glows. Hubby says, go for it, I can see you like him.The realtor (Bull) comes into the room and asks what they think. She loves it. Bull is very excited to close the deal, given the recent financial meltdown. Wifey appro... read more

HS Reunion
Bob is in his living room, pacing. He calls Violet to find out when she will be home from her ten-year high school reunion. He sounds pitiful when talking with her. She puts him in his place, telling him she'll be home when she pleases.She finally gets home and has an old friend from high school with her, Tyler. Bob asks who the hell is this. Violet stomps her foot and says, You're embarrassing me in front of my friend. You know I do as I please, and you know the rules. Here's the punishment. Violet kisses Tyler and grabs his cock. Violet tells Bob that she had a crush on Tyler in high school ... read more

Frat Brothers
Frank is in town for homecoming at a large So Cal University. Frank and his old pledge brother Chad are sitting together in Chad's living room, recounting stories of their college days together. They were in a fraternity together, Lambda Eta Lambda. They are sharing a story of how they double-teamed a sorority sister when Chad asks if Frank is still as twisted as he used to be. Frank says of course, probably even more twisted.Chad tells Frank about his hot wife Madison, and how they have begun experimenting in the swinger scene. Chad asks Frank if he'd like to be Madison's first “strange” ... read more

Date Night
Tonight is Rebecca's date night. She is readying herself in bathroom and her husband JB is sitting on the toilet asking her questions about the new bull she met: What's his name, how big is his cock, have you sucked it yet, etc. As she is trying to get ready she is very curt with him, in the end telling him to STFU. She glowers at him, and he shrinks obediently out of the bathroom. There is a knock at the door and Rebecca has JB answer, as she's not ready yet. He lets in the bull, Lee. JB waits on Lee, bringing him a drink. JB is nervous and excited at the thought of this bull fucking his wife... read more

Feeding Billy
Gracie and Billy are in their bedroom/living room. She's sitting on his lap and they are kissing furiously, groping each other. He rinds her that she promised something extra hot for their date night tonight. She glances at the clock and says that it is indeed time to get Billy ready for his surprise.She has him undress and sit down in a kitchen chair. She removes a length of rope from behind the couch/under the bed. She teases him and asks if he trusts her. He does. She ties him to the chair tightly, flirting and playing with his tiny cock the whole time. Once he's properly tied up, she tells... read more

Judy is sitting on her couch/bed. Les comes in and announces that since it's their special day, their very first anniversary, he's gotten a special present for her. She's delighted. He takes a handkerchief from his pocket and uses it to blindfold his excited wife. He tells her that she may want to get herself ready for a sexy surprise, so she begins to play with herself when he leaves the room.She has herself nice and wet when she hears him come back into the room. She asks what he got her, and he says, “Guess.” She asks, “Animal, vegetable or mineral?” To which he replies, “Oh, defi... read more

The Captain and the Kneel
Husband and wife are in living room.HIM: Guess what sweetie? Remember that guy Frank I went to high school with? The captain of the football team who was always bullying me? He came to me today for a job!HER: How funny. The tables have turned huh?HIM: I'll say. Now I'm the big man on campus.HER: (thinking) Big man… is this the same guy you told me about, who had the big dick? The one you kept staring at in the lockerroom?HIM: (flustered) I never said I stared at it. But it was hard to miss.HER: Why don't you invite him over to dinner? Show him what a success you are. Show off your big... read more

Chicken Fried Cuckold
Hubby is in his car waiting. He checks his watch. He says: “Damn, what's taking her so long? The restaurant closed a half hour ago!” He starts to get out.Cut to Wife in the kitchen, making out with Sledge who is dressed like a short order cook: white t-shirt, white apron, if possible white hat or a hairnet. She is telling him how hot he is. He says: “Enough talk bitch. Suck my dick.”She does, and Hubby walks in and catches them. What the fuck?Wife says if he hadn't lost his job, she wouldn't have had to take this job as a waitress at Rodney's Chicken & Waffles. And then she wouldn't ha... read more

Sonya the reluctant wife
John and Sonya have been married for years. Sonya has never been with another man. John wanted to spice up their sex life. He has had several conversations with Sonya about inviting another man into the bedroom with them. It excites John thinking about his wife being with another man. Sonya is very reluctant about trying this, but she realizes that this is important to John so she agrees to "try" this one time and one time only. John is less than average in penis size, so he goes on a quest to find the right guy. Since he knows this is only a one shot deal, he decides to find the bigge... read more

The Sex Therapist
Bob and Luscious are sitting together but not looking at each other, in Julius's pool table parlor. Julius is a licensed Sex Therapist. Bob and Luscious are having their first appointment with this controversial new doctor. He is very scientific, calculated and calm.Julius listens as Bob mourns for his sex life and begs the doctor for help. Luscious sits coldly and only speaks to Julius. Between the two of them, they share that their sex life has withered and died, mostly due to Luscious's needs and Bob's inability to satisfy them.Julius assures Bob that he can help thaw out his wife with a ne... read more

cock worship fantasy with Sonya
This involves Cuckold fantasy, Small penis humiliation, Cock comparison, and Cock worshipThis fantasy is where my girlfriend (Sonya)and I share in a mutual worship session with a man that we are both familiar with. For example, a man from the gym (call him John) where we both workout is targeted. Someone she has fantasized about being with and someone that I have noticed in the showers at the gym and told her about how large his penis is. Maybe start with Sonya seducing John and bringing him home to have sex with him. Or you have brought him over as a guest. He at first doesn't know about m... read more

The Dog Whisperer
The Dog WhispererBob and Syren are at home in their living room. They are both sitting on the couch, and Syren is telling Bob about her afternoon. She went puppy shopping. Ever since the kids left for college, the house has been really quiet, and with Bob working all the time she's grown very lonely. Bob doesn't want to hear it. What does she need a puppy for, anyway? And who's going to train it?Syren is ready for this question. She tells Bob that she met a very nice young man at the pet store who offered to come by and do a once over of the house, to tell them what kind of dog would be approp... read more

The Locksmith
Natasha and Jimmy are in their bedroom. Jimmy is naked, sitting on the bed with his head in his hands.Jimmy: I can't believe you flushed the key down the fucking toilet!Natasha: Well, I certainly wasn't going to reach into piss water for it!Jimmy: So you flushed them?!Natasha: I didn't think the key was light enough to go with the water. I'm sorry, baby; the locksmith will be here any second.Jimmy: Great. So he can see me humiliated, too!He stands and we can see that he's locked into a male chastity belt. On cue, a yell from outside the bedroom. The locksmith has arrived. Natasha calls him to ... read more

submissive husband.
sorry for my poor English This is the story of an old man who marries a beautiful woman. She did not lose an opportunity to publicly humiliate him, forcing him in a four-legged stance in the face of their friends. He was happy to be mistreated by her and executed all of her orders happily, then pleaded to lick her feet and worshiper her feet. Being old, he was not able to satisfy the desires of his wife, so she finds a lover and requires her husband to assist and serve both of them during their lovemaking. He was forced to lick the feet of his lover during breaks, forced to serve a drink and s... read more